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Herb Flower Seeds

Wild Dagga Fowers Seeds - Wild Dagga is a nickname used for a wide variety of plants from the leonurus strain of plants of the Mint family. The leonurus plant got this nickname as being an alternative to marijuana or "Dagga" in South Africa. In Mexico a strain of leonurus is given the nickname MARIHUANILLA or ( Little marijuana ). Strains of leonurus have been used all over the world for medicinal purposes as well. It is said to have a calming affect and is used in some cultures to relieve addiction.( Hence alternative not substitute) This beautiful plant generally grows well in sandy soil and needs lots of water in the growing season. In extreme northern climates the plant can be grown as a biannual., flowering in the second season. These hearty beautiful plants will make any landscaping project look extraordinary. We offer flower seeds that are certified organic. They will grow. 

Leonurus Sibericus

 Leonurus Sibericus Flower Seeds

MARIHUANILLA (Little marijuana ) this strain of Wild Dagga is a Biennial, has white or purple flowers and likes full sun to part shade. 

10 Seeds Certified Organic $5.00

Leonotis Nepetaefolia

 Leonotis Nepetaefolia Flower Seeds

Also known as Cordao or klip dagga- this strain of Wild Dagga is an Annual, has orange flowers and blooms sooner than Leonotis leonurus. Grows 4' tall and likes full sun. Plant 2' apart. Awesome site to behold also attracts beautiful butterflies and even humming birds. The image is of a young klip dagga plant grown from these flower seeds. It was sent in by a customer. Look at the size of those leaves they must be over 3" across.

10 Seeds Certified Organic $5.00

Leonurus Artemisia

 Leonurus Artemisia Flower Seeds

Also known as lions ear - This strain of wild dagga is a Biennial, has purple or lavender flowers and likes full sun to part shade. 

10 Seeds Certified Organic $5.00

Leonurus Cardiaca

 Leonurus Cardiaca Flower Seeds

Also known as lions tail - This strain of wild dagga is a Perennial, has lavender flowers and likes full sun to part shade. 

10 Seeds Certified Organic $5.00

Leonotis Leonurus

Leonotis Leonurus Flower Seeds

Also known as lions tail, lions ear and Wild Dagga. This plant is a perennial has orange flowers, needs a very long growing season and plenty of sun and water - also attracts beautiful butterflies and even humming birds.

$10 Seeds Certified Organic $5.00 

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